Adding Service Levels

This article covers how to add Service Levels and why they’re important.

Why Service Levels are important

Service Levels are the most important factor regarding the importance of items in Gnatta. The service level is the first element of an Interaction that is evaluated when deciding its importance.

Assignation priority is decided by three factors, in order:

  1. Service Level.
  2. Queue Position.
  3. Assignation mechanic.

Adding Service Levels

Adding Service Levels to your domain is simple, once you’ve navigated to the Configuration Section of Gnatta.

  • Select Queues.
  • Select the Service Levels tab and you will see the below.
  • Click Add and this will display the image below.
  • Give your service level a Name and select a Colour.
  • Then click Save.
  • You will now see your Service Level appear in the list.
  • The list is ordered from most important (highest) to least important (lowest).
  • You can change the order of your service levels by dragging them using the icon in the list to reposition them.
Adding a service level screen

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