Using Trustpilot in Gnatta

This article will provide an insight into Trustpilot in Gnatta and the features that are available for you.  

Channel Overview

When you add your Trustpilot account (see how to add channels) the key stream that is added is your Reviews stream. Once the account has been added, the triggers for new reviews will be available in Workflow (see our guide on handling new messages).

Using our guide, both reviews from the same customer will be kept together. You may want to use the workflow entity Echo.ReviewRating (1-5) to determine the queue of the interaction. Doing this allows you to prioritise negative reviews over positive reviews.

Trustpilot Features

  • Public Reviews
  • Updated/ Amended Reviews
  • Review Replies

File Limits

Attachments aren’t supported in Trustpilot reviews. 

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