How to add a Media Account

Here you can find how to add Media Accounts, which are linked accounts within Gnatta.

With your subscription to Gnatta, you can select between Facebook, Email, Twitter, Telephony, VK, WhatsApp, Webchat, and TrustPilot.

In order to add a channel, follow the steps below:

Select the Configuration menu from the top right of the screen (then navigate to Advanced in the bottom left if needed). 


The following menu will appear on the left of your screen. You can then select Accounts.

Select the Channel you would like to add found on the screen below.

Next, you can select the Add button. Then you’ll see the steps to add or create an account as below.

You will then be given step-by-step instructions on how to link the account. This will vary depending on which account type you wish to link. 

Follow the process in the steps until the account is linked. Make sure to Save!

🗝️ If you’d like to add more Media Accounts for your customer service team, talk to your Account Manager or get in touch today.

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