Dashboards Overview

In this article, you’ll get an overview of our Dashboards feature. We’ll be detailing key information, available metrics, and instructions for how to configure and use Dashboards.

Dashboards give you real-time information to help you monitor your contacts, manage your resource, and keep tabs on live conversations.

Key Information

  • Data is refreshed every 10 seconds.
  • All data points are available via the API. Please contact your Service Delivery Manager if you’re interested in using our APIs to retrieve data.
  • The roles required to access the Dashboards section are Admin and Analytics.

Metrics Available

Below is a summary of the metrics available in our dashboard tiles. To see a full breakdown of the data click here.

  • Queue Volumes.
  • Queue Wait Times.
  • Key WebChat and Voice Metrics.
  • Resource Information.
  • Response Times.
  • Ability to monitor active conversations.
  • User Monitoring.

Dashboard Access

Dashboards are accessed from the icon shown below in the header bar. If you do not see this icon, check you have the required permissions. If you’re still having trouble, contact your Service Delivery Manager.

Creating a Dashboard

Once the dashboard section is loaded you will then be presented with the below.

  • To create a dashboard, click the Add Dashboard button. (You can create multiple and these will display in the dropdown shown above).
  • Then once the modal appears name your Dashboard (maximum 50 characters).
  • Click Save.

Creating a Section

Once you’ve created a Dashboard you’ll be presented with the below.

  • To create a section, click the Add Section button. (You can create multiple sections in each dashboard and reorder them by dragging the name).
  • Then once the modal appears name your Section (maximum 50 characters).
  • Click Save.

How to add a Tile

Once you’ve created a Section you’ll be presented with the below.

  • Click the Add Tile button. You can create multiple tiles per section, resize and reposition them. Each tile is only 3 steps to create.
  • You will be presented with the Add Tile modal with the below options.

🗝️ Each section will show the available Tiles by area with a description of the data it will provide (see our metrics page to see the location of each).

  • Select the Tile you want to add to your Section. You will then be presented with the final step, see an example below.
  • Fill out the fields on the final step (these vary for each tile type) and the location where your Tile be added is shown on this step.
  • Click Save and your tile will be created.

Setting Thresholds

On certain tiles, in the three-dot menu, you will see the option to set Thresholds. These can be used to highlight values reaching a certain level (greater than or less then).

  • Once you’ve selected Thresholds from the tile menu, you will be presented with a menu similar to the one below.
  • Each value that allows you to set a threshold will be displayed in the modal, you can choose the from the operations No threshold, Greater than or Less than.

💡 The type of threshold you can set depends on the type of value. For example, for the number of Queued Interactions, you can just set this as a number but for Maximum Queue Time you will set a time threshold.

  • Once you’ve set your thresholds click Save and these will be applied to the tile.
  • When a threshold is met the value will show similar to the below.

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