An Overview of Workflow

Here you can find information about Filter rules, Routing Rules, Automation, and Advanced rules in workflows and how you can use each one.

Introduction to workflows

Workflows are your way to make Gnatta direct specific customer queries to specific teams through the use of rules. This ensures that the right people answer the right questions at the right time.

How to access Workflows

Open the Workflow page from the Configuration Menu. You can access this from the cog icon on the top right of your screen.

From there, select the channel and account you’d like to see or edit a workflow for. You will only be able to create and edit workflows for channels you have properly added to Gnatta.

Once you’ve selected your account, you’ll get to see the components of a workflow and a brief description:

  • Filter rules – These rules can help you ignore messages from certain contacts or containing certain keywords.
  • Routing rules – These rules determine the allocation of work into your queues.
  • Automation – These rules can help you automate conversations before they are presented to your team.
  • Advanced rules – These rules are selected from rules created in Advanced Workflow.

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