Using Webchat in Gnatta

This article will provide an insight into WebChat in Gnatta and the features that are available.  

Channel Overview

When you add your WebChat account (see adding accounts here) the triggers for new chats will be available in workflow, the type of triggers is WebChat Initiating (see our guide on handling new messages here).  

There are some enhancements you can make to the example flow. For example, if you have a pre-chat survey configured and what that information to set as a data field, the context for the pre-chat survey field will be available as PreChatData[GUID of the field]. Use this to set a data field in a Create Interaction node or Update Interaction node.

When creating the account, you’ll see an option to select a pre-chat survey – Name and Email Address are added by default. If you wish to add more fields (reason for contact, order number, etc.) you can do this by creating a Data Set specifically for your pre-chat survey. The same process applies for the post-chat survey.

You will also be required to set a primary queue for the account, this will be used in the calculation of your webchat availability. The teams subscribed to your WebChat queues will be used to look at the number of available slots and maximum capacity that your users have. 

Selecting and creating a template is also important, templates can be added below:

Configuration Page> Media Accounts> Global Setting> WebChat> Templates

🗝️ Reach out to your Service Delivery Manager if you want sample template files or help with your template.

On the account you can also enable email fallback (giving customers the chance to leave a message if chat is busy or offline), set up chat transcripts, and configure custom messages for your brand for when chats are ended, transferred, or disconnected.

WebChat Features

  • Inbound Messaging 
  • Outbound Messaging
  • Pre-Chat Survey
  • Post-Chat Survey
  • Email Fallback
  • Schedule and Availability control 
  • Chat Transcripts
  • Automated Messages and customer prompts
  • Inline and popout chat modes
  • Custom Chat Templates

File Limits

Inbound: PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF

Outbound: PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF 

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