Using Teams in Gnatta

This article will explain the importance of teams in Gnatta the connection to other parts of the system.

Teams are a great way to group your users together. This may be however you wish to group your users and manage your users, such as by skillset, location, hierarchy. You can see how to create Teams here.

Once you’ve created a team you can then start to add them to other parts of Gnatta. This is vital for your users to receive work and access information to assist customers. The key areas Teams are used in are:

  • Queues – Add Teams to queues if you want the users in those teams to receive the work that is in those queues.
  • Channels – Add Teams to channels so that the users in those teams have access to use those media accounts so that replies can be sent successfully to customers.
  • Address Book Entries – Add Teams to address book entries so that users can then access entries when creating conversations within Interactions.
  • Email Signatures – Teams can be added to Email signatures in Media Accounts>Global Settings>Email
  • Notifications – Notifications can be sent just specific teams, so if the information being sent is only relevant to a certain set of users selecting to send to teams helps you notify just the relevant users.

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