Using SMS in Gnatta

This article will provide an insight into SMS in Gnatta and the features that are available to you.  

Channel Overview

When you add your SMS account (see adding channels here) the most important stream that is added is your SMS Inbound stream.

Once the account has been added, the triggers for new messages will be available in Workflow (see our guide on handling new messages here). 

Using our guide, both reviews from the same customer will be kept together in further correspondence and you will also recognise if the same customer calls in (if you have telephony accounts). 

SMS can also be utilised in Workflow to provide automated CSAT surveys after calls have been completed. 

🗝️ Reach out to your Service Delivery Manager if you’re interested in SMS CSAT surveys.

SMS Features

  • Inbound SMS Messaging
  • Outbound SMS Messaging

Advanced SMS Features

  • API Support
  • Workflow create conversation – CSAT

File Limits

Attachments aren’t supported with SMS messages. 

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