Using Facebook in Gnatta

This article will provide an insight into Facebook in Gnatta and the features that are available to you.  

Channel Overview

When you add your Facebook account (see adding channels here) the most important streams that are added are your Page Wall (Public) and Inbox (Messenger Private).

Once the account has been added the triggers for new messages will be available in Workflow (see our guide on handling new messages here). 

Using our guide both public and private messages from the same customer will be kept together.

To get around this, you may want to use the workflow entity Echo.IsPrivate (True or false) to determine the queue of the interaction. Usually, our clients will prioritise their public queue unless they’re using the Chat Plugin feature. 

As of March 2020, instead of only being able to send one message after 24 hours from the last customer message, you will now have up to 7 days from the last customer message. You are able to send as many messages as you would like to as long as the message is sent from a human. This means that no autoresponse can be sent during this time (only in the first 24 hours). 

Facebook Features

  • Public Posts
  • Public Comments
  • Public Replies
  • Public Replies (Outbound)
  • Messenger Messages (Inbound and Outbound)

Advanced Features

  • Messenger Quick Replies – Our auto-replies support adding quick replies to give customers options to choose from and control the customer journey. 
  • Messenger Welcome Message – Ability to set a message that is shown when a customer opens messenger with your page.
  • Messenger Get Started – Ability to enable Get Started button from Gnatta this is commonly used to begin automated and controlled customer journeys. 
  • Messenger Persistent Menu – Ability to set up a menu that is present when a customer is using messenger. 
  • Facebook Handover Protocol – Ability to set up a primary receiver, usually a bot, and Gnatta as the secondary receiver of messages. The automated conversation will be passed over and visible in Gnatta.
  • Messenger Chat Plugin Support – When the chat plugin is enabled any messages that are received through it can be prioritised.

File Limits

  • Inbound Public: PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF
  • Inbound Private: PNG, JPG, GIF 
  • Outbound Public: PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF 
  • Outbound Private: N/A (Due to Facebook Changes)

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