Using Content

This article will explain how to use content in your responses.

Selecting Content

To check for relevant content, you should first click on the icon as shown below.

This will bring up any content responses that Gnatta believes are relevant to the query.

Sometimes, you might see different content responses for different interactions. When your domain Admin creates content responses, they can create rules for them that make certain responses show up in certain conditions. So, based on the nature of the customer’s query, it could show different responses.

🗝️If the responses you’re seeing don’t seem relevant to the query, then please contact your domain Admin.

It is also possible to search for content responses using the search bar at the top of the content section (as above). Usually, suggested content should be quite specific, so if you’re seeing a long list of content responses, then it’s worth contacting your Service Delivery Manager or domain Admin to improve your use of content.

Remember, searching content responses will only bring up the content responses relevant to this query, not all content responses on your domain.

Content Data

Each content response has some data to be aware of:

  • The title in bold.
  • The variation you’re using, in this example Email Response 1 (you can have variations of the same content for different channels).
  • The number of times this content response has been used in this conversation. Usually, you won’t want to use the same response more than once but if you do try to use it more than once, Gnatta will send you a warning and ask you to confirm.
  • The Recommended highlight for the response that Gnatta thinks is best
  • Placeholders in the body of the response in green. These will insert that data specific to the conversation if it’s available. Always check before you send your message.
  • Placeholders aren’t just for names, dates, etc. You can also use them to vary the response by, for instance, having different introductions, so that each response looks different.

Once you’ve got the response you want to use, you have two options:

  1. You can click on the body of the response to see the whole message, as Gnatta only shows a preview by default.
  2. You can click on the title to insert the response into the Reply Section. You can learn more here.

Once you select your response, check to make sure all the placeholders have the right data in them. You can see in our example we don’t have the customer’s name inserted, so make sure you edit that manually. If you think there’s an issue, raise it to a domain Admin.

You’re then free to edit the message as you like, and then you’re ready to send!

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