User States

This article will explain the benefits of User States and how you can add them for your users.

User States Setup

User States configuration can be found in the States tab under Users & Teams in the Configuration Section as shown below.

There are three types of states; Online, Away, and Busy. You can create states for each type, to add a state click the Add button. The below segment will load, give the state you want to create a name, and select if you want the state to be Online, Away, or Busy. Once you’ve done this, select Save.

Once you’ve created a State it will appear under the relevant state type. You can also reorder these so that your users see them in a preferred order.

You can also set a Default State, this will be the state that users are set to as soon as they log in to Gnatta. Usually, this will be an Away or Busy state so that users are not assigned work as soon as they log in. At the top of the States list, use the dropdown to select a default state from the states you have added.

🗝️ After you have updated the order or changed the default state, make sure you have clicked save at the top of the segment so the changes are not lost.

Using User States

Once you’ve set up your user states, all users on your domain will be able to see them when they set their state by selecting the user icon in the top right of the header bar.

If a user is set to an Away or Busy state they will not be assigned work from queues. A user will only be assigned work if they are set to an Online state.

These states will also show when using the User Monitoring tile in dashboards, see more information on that here. You can also use States to affect assignation from Queues.

💡 For example, if your Users are 5 minutes from finishing their shift you may want them to set to an Online state of ‘Dial Down’. This state can then be excluded from your WebChat or Voice queues so the user doesn’t receive any ‘Live’ work at the end of their shift.

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