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Troubleshooting Assignation

If you and your users are experiencing issues with work being assigned correctly, this article will give you some ideas of what to check to try and get you back on track.

Are you having trouble with any of these?

  • Users not being assigned interactions or the correct interactions?
  • Interactions not being assigned in the correct priority order?
  • Certain queues are in backlog and others aren’t?
  • Are certain channels not assigning to users?


There could be multiple reasons you’re experiencing issues with the assignation of work, below are a number of areas for you to check that should help you pinpoint the problem or a change you would like to make.

  • If your users aren’t being assigned work at all, you should first check that users are in the correct Team and then also check that the team has been added to the affected Queue(s).
  • If you’re experiencing issues such as interactions not be assigned in the correct order or certain queue volumes are building while others are not, you will want to take a look at your Queue setup. You will want to check the SLAs and position of the affected queue(s) first compared with other queues, these are two vital factors in determining the importance of interactions and how they are assigned (see an explanation of assignation here).
  • If a specific user or users are not receiving work, we’d advise checking the User setup to check they have the correct capacities to receive work and also check what teams they are a part of.
  • Your workflow configuration could also be causing assignation issues if interactions are being added to incorrect queues. We’d advise if this is the case or you suspect this is happening then check the workflows on any triggers relating to the affected queues. Check any update or create interaction nodes to ensure the correct queue is being set.

🗝️ Still having trouble? Head over to our service desk and log a ticket here, the Gnatta Team will be right with you to help you!

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