Single Sign On (SSO)

This article will take you through how to enable and set up Single Sign-On for Gnatta.

First, click the Configuration icon in the top right of your display and then select Authentication from the menu that appears on the left. 


The Authentication page includes two subheaders: SSO Providers and Client Applications.


SSO Providers will give you the ability to set up providers within the UI and manage these.

Client Applications is an authentication change whereby you can create applications that communicate with API and then request access tokens based on the information provided. 

SSO Providers

When opening this subheader, you will see a list of configured providers. If no providers are configured, the list will be empty.

Click Add, as on the image below, which opens a new segment to set up a provider.  


Once saved, you can then reopen the Gnatta SSO provider you just created from the list of configured providers. This will then display the relevant info needed to configure your provider as in the example below. 

This page is also where you can disable and then delete providers. 


Once set up, the option to use the provider will be displayed to all users logging into your domain as below. 


❗ If you are interested in implementing SSO on your domain, have any questions about the feature, or would like further documentation on the configuration/setup, please reach out to your Account Manager or Service Delivery Manager and they will be able to provide further information and assistance.  

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