Setting up Users

This guide will take you through the basics of setting up and managing your users through permissions in Gnatta.

Adding a User

  1. Once you have opened Gnatta, select the cog icon to open the Configuration menu. This is located in the top right of the interface.
  2. You can then select Users & Teams on the menu on the left.
  3. Select Add.
  4. Add the details of the user. You will need to add Forename, Surname, Username, and Email Address.
  5. Once the information is complete you will need to select Save. When the user has been saved you will be able to see the user in the list of users. You can then open the user and add User Permissions and Capacity.

User Permissions

Once you have created and saved a User, you can then go back into the user and select the permissions that you wish for them to have. Permissions limit what individual users can and can’t do within Gnatta. Below are the list of permissions and their main features:


  • This is the default permission.
  • You will be able to open the radar and interactions that are assigned to yourself.
  • You can open notifications that are sent to you.
  • You are able to select widgets/custom links and open the side-bar menu.


  • As a Publisher, you are able to make an outbound call (not limited to the address book).


  • With the Analytics permission, you are able to see the icon in the top left of the UI which opens dashboards. You are then able to use all the dashboard features.


  • This gives you access to the co-ordination page within Gnatta’s legacy interface.


  • This enables you to use Configuration within both legacy and main interface. It also gives you access to the Queue-Radar feature within the legacy interface.

Workflow Admin

  • With this permission, you are able to use workflow within Admin in the legacy interface. It also adds a workflow segment to the configuration menu within the main interface which is used to redirect to workflow in the legacy version.

Global Admin

  • This permission provides extra admin segments within Configuration. These are Widgets and Bulk Update. Global admin covers most features in Gnatta like co-ordination and analytics.


  • With this permission, you are able to use any and all of the Gnatta features.

❗️ Global Admin and Owner give you access to all roles

💡Remember to SAVE any changes that are made before closing the segment!

How to add User Capacity

User capacity is how many interactions a user can work through for each channel at one time. Total capacity will need to be set which can then be split by channel.

Setting a channel limit will set the maximum number of interactions for that channel that a user can be assigned. If no channel limit has been set, the user can receive up to their total capacity for channels.

Therefore if you wish that your users do not receive certain channels, we’d advise using teams or setting their channel limit to zero (on the channels you do not want the user to receive).

How to Make Users Part of a Team

If you haven’t already created a team then see information on how to set up one up here. To make a user part of a team, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the user
  2. Select Team at the top of the segment
  3. You can then select the teams you wish the user to be a part of
  4. Save the user


  1. Open the Teams section.
  2. Select a Team.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Select the users you wish to be part of that team.
  5. Save the team.

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