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This article will take you through an introduction to Gnatta’s Service Desk and how properly to create a ticket.

What is Service Desk?

Service Desk is the tool Gnatta uses for issues raised by clients. You have access to your own individual Service Desk Portal.

Through the portal, you can create tickets that will then be investigated by the Support team to be escalated appropriately, if required.

What Do I Need To Raise A Ticket?

When raising a ticket to Gnatta you need to ensure that all the information required is included so that your issue can be investigated quickly and efficiently.

Each ticket raised should include, if applicable:


This is the name for the ticket. The clearer and simpler this is the better as it prevents duplicate tickets and gives us a clearer view of the issues that need investigating.


This is set by yourselves on how the issue is affecting your business. From Gnatta side tickets are not processed based on priority. When reviewing tickets, this information helps us, along with a number of factors, in determining urgency.


This field is the identifier for the client that you are working for. The entry should match the Gnatta URL being used.

💡 For example, if the URL is the company name would be “Test”. This needs to be consistent for accurate reporting back to clients, so for simplicity stick to the domain name.


Here’s some information to include if you can. The more precise, the faster the issue will be solved.

  • Examples (Interaction references if applicable showing where the issue occurs).
  • Times and Dates, including the duration of the issue if it has since resolved.
  • Operator names and the number of operators affected, including if in any specific state.
  • If affecting specific sites/ outreach etc.
  • Console Logs (Screenshot).
  • Any previous tickets linked to the issue (GSD references).
  • Originator Name: Please provide your name so that if we need more information we can be in contact.
  • Error Message: Please insert any error messages that are showing on the screen. This could also include any errors in the console when F12 is pressed.
  • Browser: What internet browser are the operators using. For example, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.
  • Timestamp: When did the issue start to occur?


This is where to put screenshots of the errors/issue/console or GIFS/Videos of the issue if you have them.Interaction References: These will be the interaction ID that is shown at the top of the interaction. This way we can look at the interaction ourselves to help determine the cause of the issue.


The dropdown below is to register your view of the scale that the issue is impacting the business and how many people it is affecting.

How to recreate the problem

Here is some information that you may wish to consider:

  • Exact steps taken to replicate your issue. For example: “1. Open the interaction, 2. Click on notes, 3. Error is displayed.”
  • If the issue cannot be replicated, then enter the actions taken that caused the example being raised.
  • Include if any different actions caused the same issues to occur – this can help us find replication steps in other environments.
  • Include if intermittent or consistent.
  • Intermittent issues are more difficult and require more investigation and so follow a slightly different process on our side.
  • You should attempt to replicate every issue before raising to Service Desk.
  • Sometimes doing this will help clear up issues without need for a ticket.
  • It will provide further details that will help us get quicker resolutions.

Expected Behaviour

What do you believe Gnatta should be doing as per the setup requested? E.g. Closed interactions should move to queue A but they are moving to queue B.

Affected URL/Page

Insert the link of the page where you are seeing the issues.


The severity is set in line with the severity definitions in your contract. These can be set based on client needs.

What Else Can I Use Service Desk For?

Getting support

Product Trial Questions: Trying our product and want more information? Ask us a question and we will be more than happy to help.

Licensing and Billing Question: If you have any questions about your licensing or billing we will happily help with your queries.

Technical Support: Need help installing, configuring or troubleshooting? Drop us a message and we can assist.

Requesting a change

Suggest a new feature: We are always open to your ideas on new features that can be added to Gnatta.

Suggest Improvement: See a place where we can do better? We’re all ears.

Other Questions

🗝️ If you have any Gnatta related questions at all, do not hesitate to drop us a ticket and one of our Service Desk team will pick it up and assist you.

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