Removing Data in Gnatta for GDPR

Dealing with Customer Removal Requests

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides individuals from certain regions with the right to be forgotten or deleted. On request, you may have an obligation to erase the personal data of an individual/customer. 

Gnatta, as a third-party data processor, is required to provide the functionality to its clients (users) to be able to process erasure requests. Our Bulk Update feature will allow you to identify customers by Customer Data or Interaction Data. Documentation on how to use this feature correctly can be found here.

Customer Retention Policies

You may wish to enforce and manage your own customer data retention policies and only retain data for what is deemed necessary. You can manage this using the same feature as above. Good practice would be identifying interactions by using the criteria, Interaction Data, and Closed Date. This will remove interactions before the date selected (limit 10,000 per query). 

You can also choose to only remove attachments if you wish to implement a different strategy for files and images received by customers – see documentation on this feature here.

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