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Related Interactions and Profiles

In this article, we’ll show you the Related panel, explain how this operates and how this can be utilised further by profiles.

The related panel can be found on all interactions by loading the Interaction segment menu in the top right of an interaction.

Once you select Related from this menu, it will appear on your interaction. If you leave this selected it will also continue to load on all your other interactions.

The related segment (without configuration) will show a list of other interactions in the same channel related to the person of your current interaction.

For example, if a customer contacts you on WebChat and then a week later contacts you again, you would see these in the related segment. You can then load the related interactions to read through the previous correspondence.

Populated related segment screenshot

There are various different pieces of information that are displayed.

  • If the interaction is closed the interaction in the list will be highlighted grey.
  • If the interactions are closed they will display the state it was closed (above you can see a combination of Ignore and Closed).
  • The channel is shown using the standard channel icon.
  • The last message is previewed underneath the contact’s name.
  • The date/time of the last message in the interaction is shown.
  • Lastly, the queue the interaction belongs to is shown.

Gnatta Profiles

Profiles are used to create an overall view of a customer, not only within one channel but across multiple. Profiles are configured using workflow or by using our APIs.

You can create rules to link customers together across different channel platforms by using information they may provide. Most commonly used is the email address of a customer, other information could be customer ID, order number or phone number.

If configured across all your channels you can then start to see contacts from the same person across all channels.

On interactions, you will see the Gnatta Profile bar appear at the top, this will show the name configured for the profile (usually the information used to identify the profile) and the different channels that have been collected in the profile. Below you can see that WebChat and Email contacts have been collected in this profile.

Then when viewing the related panel you will be able to see the Email and WebChat interactions linked under this profile.

🗝️ If you wish to discuss Profiles, contact your Service Delivery Manager who will be able to advise you further.

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