Reading Notifications

Notifications allow you to send Company or Team wide messages within the Gnatta UI. Here’s a run-through of how you read notifications!

If you haven’t created any notifications yet, you can find out how to do this here.

As a Gnatta User, once a notification has been created for your company or team, provided the expiry time has not elapsed you should see a notification count on the notifications icon in the header.

When a notification has been created, select the notification icon. The notification will show in bold as it has not been read. You should only see the notification title and the notification colour and icon defined by the priority. You should not see an option to dismiss the notification.

Clicking on the notification show the body text, removes the bold formatting and updates the count. The colour and Icon will be defined by priority. You will see the notification URL (If one has been set when created) and a dismiss button will now be visible.

If the notification is not dismissed, it will remain available until the expiry date. If the cross is selected, the notification will be removed from the notification segment.

🗝️ If you encounter problems with this feature, contact your Service Delivery Manager who will be able to provide more advice.

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