This article will provide an insight into Instagram in Gnatta and how to get your account connected. Our integration is for Messenger only including Story Replies, Story Mentions, Auto Replies, Quick Replies, and Handover Protocol.

Before you connect your account

Connecting your Instagram account

Connecting your account is simple, navigate to /settings to get started.

First, select Instagram from the channels list.

You will then see the Instagram accounts page load and in the top right select the Connect Instagram account button.

You’ll be directed to Facebook to link your account (note the required steps mentioned at the start of the article). Follow the steps within Facebook and then you will be directed back to Gnatta to complete the process.

Select the account you wish to link and select whether or not you would like to receive ‘Replies to your stories’ and ‘Mentions in other users stories’.

Finally select Add account and you will see you account appear in the list.

What happens once you account is connected?

Once you’ve added your Instagram, Gnatta will automatically set up basic routing for you. It will create a default queue and assign your default team to that queue, meaning they’ll be able to see incoming customer messages straight away.

If you wish to use advance triggers to route your Instagram messages, don’t hesitate to contact support. Essentially, the simple trigger will need to removed at /configuration/workflow and new triggers added.

Managing your Instagram Account

To manage your account, simply select the Instagram in the channel list (as you did when adding the account). You will see your account listed on the left, if you select your account then the details for it will appear (as shown below).

You can see your configuration for mentions and story replies

To edit your account, select the three dot menu (with will give you options to edit or delete).

Selecting edit will give you options to change the below options.

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