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How to update your payment details

How to access your billing information

You can view all your billing information through the Billing page on the Configuration Menu, accessed by clicking on the cog icon in the top right of your screen.

In the bottom section on this page, Your billing details will show you your contact details and payment details.

How to update your billing details

Before adding payment details, you must add your contact details. You can do this by selecting the Edit details button.

Once selected, a modal will appear so that you can enter your contact details. All required fields are marked.

These details will need to match the billing address of your card

Once you complete the required fields and confirm through the Update details button, you will then see that your contact details have been added and the Edit payment button is now enabled.

To add your payment details, select the Edit payment button and then the following modal will appear.

Once you’ve entered your details and pressed the green button your card will be validated. If there is a problem immediately there will be an error detailing why within the modal.

If you’re required to provide further authentication by your provider or to us then this will appear within a 3Dsecure modal. You will need to complete these steps in order to successfully add your payment details.

You may also see a message like the below to verify also.

If there is a problem with your subscription and your details, you will be prompted to update your details as shown below.

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