How to set up Junk rules

This article will explain how to add a Junk rule to your workflows. Junk rules can help you keep unnecessary contacts away from your team so that they are focused solely on the right customer queries.

A Junk rule can be configured using the Decision or Any Decision node in Workflow. In this article, we’re going to run you through setting a rule up with an Any Decision node.

Junk Rule Setup

First, you will need to go to Workflow from the Configuration Menu and Add a New Workflow (shown below).

This will create a new workflow template with a Start node already added for you. Now using the dropdown list of nodes, select Any Decision and click Create. This will add the node as shown below. You can find information about different workflow nodes here.

Select the Any Decision node, and the details of this node will appear. You can then begin editing the node.

Select Add Condition. Then fill out the details like the below.

If you wanting to check Email Subjects instead (or as well as) you can use Echo.Subject.Next select Bulk Add Right. You can now begin to add your keywords to this rule.

Once you’re happy, select Confirm. Once confirmed you will see the node has been updated to look like this.

Save the node and then you want to select and create a Stop node on your workflow template. Once created, select the node and update the Stop Processing selection as shown below.

Now going back to your template, on the Any Decision node there should be a dropdown underneath If ‘Junk Rules’. Click this and select the Stop node you just created (see below).

This identifies when a junk word is matched so that doesn’t execute any further workflows. The next thing is to create another Stop node (you don’t need to update this node to stop processing). After this, select the new node from the Failure Connection dropdown and this should look like the below.

This is to set up if a junk word is not matched that subsequent workflows are still processed. Finally, select the Out dropdown on the Start node and select the Any Decision node for this. This should look like the below.

Now you’ve configured your workflow make sure you’ve saved and published your changes and applied them to the top of the trigger you want to apply this to.

We recommend that Junk rules are the first (or one of the first) workflows to be fired on a trigger.

🗝️ If you’d like to activate or upgrade junk rules for your customer service team, talk to your Account Manager or get in touch today.

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