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How to set up a WebChat account in Gnatta

This guide will show you how to create accounts for your WebChat Media Account in Gnatta.

Creating an account

The first thing to do is select the Configuration icon at the top right of the screen. 

The following menu will appear on the left of your screen. You can then select Media Accounts.

Then select Add found on the screen below.

You will then be given a list of available Media Accounts as shown below. Select WebChat.

You’ll then be presented with a blank WebChat account as shown below.

Key Configuration

Firstly you will need to give your account a distinctive name and set a default queue for the account (see creating queues here).

Account name and queue example

Next, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the General tab to WebChat Location. You can choose for your WebChat to be either Inline or Windowed as shown below.

Inline will overlay the page and Windowed will launch in a new window

Now you need to navigate to the Messages tab.

{{forename}} will insert the forename of the advisor for you

You’ll need to add the default messages you’d like your customers to see in the Webchat panel, like the ones above.

Once you’ve entered something for your default messages you can now save your new WebChat Account.

🗝️ Once you’re ready to start taking chats remember to make sure you’ve assigned your team to the account in the Teams tab to ensure your users have access to the account.

Next Steps

First, let’s go to Media Accounts. Click the Global Settings tab, then select WebChat.

Now you can add the domains you want to activate WebChat for. You can do this by selecting the Add button in the header and entering a domain like below.

Once you’ve selected and saved your domain, you will be allowed to run the chat account. The domains will appear in the list. If you need to delete one later, you can do that in this list.

🗝️ Don’t worry if you’re unsure about the domains to add, you can come back to this at a later date but this is needed to ensure chat functions on your site.

Once you’ve added your domain, you need to select the API Keys tab and create an API key (this is used in the code that you place on your site. Clicking Add on this tab will generate a key for you.

Now you have an API key, your basic setup is now complete!

You can find details on setting WebChat up on your site here and configuring your WebChat routing here.

Further Configuration

While setting up the basics of your WebChat account you will have noticed a host of other options that can be configured on your account, here’s an overview of some of the main options:

  • On the Email tab of your account you can configure the account, body text, subject, and HTML of Transcripts that customers can request while chatting to you.
  • On the Messages tab you can apply custom messages for users that disconnect, customers waiting in the queue and to the different scenarios for which a chat can be ended by.
  • On the Fallback tab you can configure an offline form for customers to leave a message when your chat team isn’t available. You can also configure a pre-chat or post-chat survey (you can see more on creating dynamic data to help with that).

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