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How to manage your channels in Gnatta

Where to manage your channels

Once you’ve added channels you can return to them to update and manage them. Firstly, click on the cog icon in the top right to access the Configuration Menu.

Similar to adding a channel, select the channel type through the Configuration Menu as shown below.

Once you’ve selected your channel, all active accounts for this channel will then appear in the list on the right of the screen as shown below.

Managing your channels

If you want to delete your account, use the three dot menu by the account name as below. On this page, you can also see your account health and available streams where relevant (where your work will come from your account).

Depending on the channel, there will be additional information available on this screen. In Chat, you’ll be able to edit the widget colours and you’ll get the code you need to embed the Chat widget onto your website.

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