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How to manage your active users

Where to go to manage your users

You can view your active users on the Users section of the Users and teams page. To reach this area, open the Configuration Menu through the cog icon in the top right of your screen. The Users and teams page is available from the left of your screen, click through there to get to the Users page, shown on the images below.

Changing details

On the Users page, you will be able to invite new users, view your existing users and manage their access. You can also add users to teams and set individual work capacities and permissions per person.

When you add new users, they will be automatically added to your default team and given a total capacity of 3.

You can also edit the capacity limits of user by channel by selecting the Set Capacities button.

If you wish for a channel not be received by user we would advise setting the specific channel(s) limit to 0.

Removing a user

If you want to delete, disable or edit a user, you can do that through the three dotted menu next to their name on the right hand side of the page.

Invite new users

You can invite new users through the button on the top right. The only details required are the language they’ll be working in and their email.

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