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How to Fix Performance Issues

This article will show you what to check if you and your users are experiencing issues with performance in Gnatta.

Are you having trouble with any of the following?

  • User(s) experiencing delays in messages appearing?
  • User(s) experiencing delays or not seeing their status update?
  • User(s) experiencing delays in Interactions loading?
  • User(s) experiencing delays when setting dynamic data?


There could be multiple reasons you’re experiencing issues with your user’s performance.

Below is a list of things to check that should help you work out any problems.

  • Ensure the user is using the most up to date version of chrome.
  • Ask the user to log out, clear chrome cookies and cache and log back in.
  • Check task manager to ensure they are not running any other programs that could be affecting their machine CPU.
  • Check the affected user’s internet connection.
  • If your user is connecting to Gnatta and your systems using a VPN, try removing this layer and seeing if you can tes without (if improvements are seen without then this could be the source of the problem).

🗝️ Still having trouble? Head over to our service desk and log a ticket here, the team will be right with you to help you!

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