Header Bar Overview

This article will provide information on the Gnatta Header Bar, updated on Thursday 1st July 2021.

This article will introduce you to the header bar, take you through the menu options and help you to understand the basics for navigation around Gnatta.


What used to be the radar icon has been changed to Interactions and will look as shown below. The indication of number of unread interactions will function in the same way.

Custom Links, that are displayed across the header will have their own section named Links. When clicked this will load a popover displaying all the Custom Links configured on your domain.

Similar to the above, Widgets are also displayed in their own section as shown below.

You can Search Gnatta using the icon in the top right. The functionality of how results are returned remains the same as with previous versions.

In the top right, you can use the User Menu is displayed to update their state and interface language.

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