GIPHY in Gnatta

This article will take you through how to use GIPHY in Gnatta.

When viewing a conversation type that supports GIPHY you will see the GIF icon in the footer as below.

Once this has been selected you will see a GIPHY panel open, this panel will be resizable. Once the panel is opened it will display the top trending GIFS. If you didn’t mean to open the panel, click the X on the top right to close it. You’re also able to resize the panel if needed.

You’re able to search through GIPHY’s library using the box at the top. Any results that appear will come up in the grid formatting like above. If you search and there are no results returned, you should see “No GIFs found, please search again”.

Once a GIF has been selected it will show as an attachment like below. GIFs can only be sent with text and only one GIF can be sent at a time:

This is what the GIF will look like within the Interaction. You’ll be able to see the proper animation:

This is what the GIF looks like natively (Twitter in this example):

You will have the option to either Redact the GIF or Download the GIF.

🗝️ If you want to learn more about this feature, please contact your Service Delivery Manager.

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