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How to create an Email Template

This guide will show you how to create an email template so you can make your customer emails more consistent and reduce customer wait times.

Creating an Email Template

To create a template, you need to open to the Configuration menu through the cog icon in the top right and select Accounts. From there, select Settings and Email.

On the segment that appears next, select the Templates option on the top menu.

This is where you add new templates and edit any existing ones. If you select Add, you will see the segment to the right appear (as shown above).

When creating a template, give the template a unique name and select what accounts you would like it applied against. We recommend selecting a test account first before you use them on a live one, if you can.

To finish, select or drag and drop your HTML email template into the Template input.

We advise that the {{Body}} placeholder is referenced in the HTML so that the message is sent out with the template.

Your signatures can also be used by referencing {{Signature}} in your HTML.

Once you’ve completed these fields and saved your template it will appear in the template list to be edited in future. You’ll be able to change the name, Media Accounts the template is applied to and update the html.

Now you can test out your new email template by sending an automated response or normal message from any accounts you have applied it to.

The templates won’t be seen by advisors in the Interactions section and messages sent via workflow such as autoresponses. Advisor messages are currently the only message types supported.

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