Default Routing explained

Default routing overview

Once you’ve added your channel account, Gnatta will automatically add default routing so that you and your team can start answering your customers straight away.

There will only be a routing rule added to your account by default. This rule takes the messages that come into your new account and groups them into conversations from the same customer. After this, it will add them to your default queue that was automatically created when you added your channel account.

When a customer responds to you, the routing will also look to group them with any previous conversations and add them to the queue to be picked up by your team.

You can check what has been set up for you automatically through the Workflow page on the Configuration Menu, accessed by clicking on the cog icon in the top right of the screen.

Select the channel and account you have just added.

Then you will be presented with the workflow overview for the account you selected, as on the screen below.

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