Custom Links

Custom links are external link icons that will show in the header of Gnatta’s UI. If you need to provide resources for your advisors, taking advantage of this feature makes the link more prominent and easily accessible.

You can add a Custom Link by selecting the configuration icon in the top right of the screen. You can then select Company Details from the menu on the left and then Custom Links and Add.

Once you select Add you will see the menu below. This is where you input the URL for your custom link and also an optional image to show in the icon. For more clarity, you can add a title for your link which appears when hovered over on the main UI.

If you do not upload an image, your icon will be set to the following default:

❌The image dimensions will need to be under 24x24px, if the dimensions are larger, the link will not be saved and an error will display.

Once the link has been successfully saved it will then show in the Company Details menu below.

It will then also show in the header of the UI:

💡 Please allow up to 10 minutes for the changes to cache and the link to show pinned in the UI header.

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