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Creating a Conversation within an Interaction

This article will show you how to start a new conversation within an interaction. Creating a new conversation gives you the ability to speak to the customer on another channel of their choice, or to speak with someone else entirely.

You might want to create a conversation for different reasons, for example:

  • Emailing a third party (courier, alternative department etc.) to help resolve a query.
  • Send the customer a follow up on a different channel of their choice.

You could do these in another interaction, but by having the conversation in the same interaction, it’s so much easier to keep track of everything relevant all in one place.

How To Create A Conversation

First of all, go to the interaction that you want to add another conversation to and click the three-dot menu.

Click on Create Conversation, then you’ll be presented with this menu.

Select the channel you want to create a conversation on. You have three choices; Email, SMS, and Voice.

Create an email

First, select an email account – this is the email address you want to send mail from.

🗝️ If you want more information on how to populate this dropdown, please refer to the article on how to add a channel.

Then, select an email address to send to in the email address field. This will be presented as a dropdown, for more information on how to populate this dropdown, please refer to the article about Creating An Address Book.

Lastly, add your subject. Remember the interaction ID will add itself to the subject when you click confirm. Once you’ve confirmed your selection, you’ll be directed back to the interaction, with your blank conversation ready to write. Once you click Send, you’re all done!

Create a voice call

First of all, select an outgoing number (see how to add a channel for more information on this), and then select a number to dial. To populate this list, please see Creating an Address Book. Alternatively, with the publisher’s permission, you can call any number you like by typing it in as seen above. Once you click Confirm, the outbound call will begin, so make sure you’re ready!

Create an SMS Conversation

Starting an SMS conversation is exactly the same as creating a voice call. Follow the text above up to the point that you click Confirm. At this point, the display will change to allow you to compose a message.

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