Bulk Update: List View

The List View gives you a way of viewing your history of Bulk updates. If you want to learn more about Bulk Update and how to set one up, you can find more articles at the bottom of the page.

The list view is in the first segment that you will see when selecting the Bulk Update from the Configuration Menu. This segment will be blank if no previous updates have been created. 


Once you have created a Bulk update and you have completed all the steps, you will then see the display shown below. 

You will see a date timestamp of when the update was created, the type of update, an icon signifying the state of the update, the name of the owner that created the update, and the number of items being updated, for example, 100 interactions.

🗝️ Below is a list of what each colour means for each update in the image below

  • Grey – Finalised
  • Amber – Started
  • Green – Completed
  • Red – Failed 





Selecting a bulk update gives you a more detailed view. You can see the fields: Job ID, Job Type, Job Status, Update Started, Update Completed, Creator, Number of Updated Items, and Breakdown.

This includes numbers of Matched Interactions, Matched Echoes, Matched Profile, Matched Originators, Matched Conversations, and Matched History. 


🗝️ If you wish to discuss Bulk Updates, contact your Service Delivery Manager who will be able to advise you further.  

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