Bulk Update: Interaction Data

Bulk Update is a segment within the Configuration Menu. The segment will allow you to create updates through the aggregation of Interaction data and Attachments

From the creation of a Bulk Update, you will get an audit trail of the updates made. You’ll also see a results summary and be able to access a sample of the data.


Bulk Update: Interaction use cases:

  • Searching and deleting all interactions/profiles for a specific customer after the customer has made a request.
  • Deleting interactions that have not been updated in the last 3 years.
  • Deleting all interactions in a given queue.
  • Deleting all interactions that have a certain dynamic data set against them. 

How To Use Bulk Update To Delete Interactions

1. Setup Update

On the first step, you will see a dropdown to select the type of update. There is currently the selection of Interaction and Attachment available. Here you will need to select Interaction.


Select Action

For this step, there is a dropdown to select the action that you wish to take. Currently, there is only an option to Delete but more options will be being added in later phases. 


2. Search By

In this step, you will select what criteria you would like to use to identify the items you would like to update. 

The two criteria types are Interaction Data and Customer Data.


3. Select Search Criteria

Once you proceed you will be given search criteria to fill in.


Interaction Data

Here are the criteria to identify items to update by: 

  • Queue – This dropdown will give you a list of all the queues on the domain.
  • Closed – This will provide you with a Date picker. 
  • Dynamic Data Type – This will give you a dropdown with all of the Dynamic Data options. 

You can select one or more of these criteria for the search. 


Customer Data

Here are the criteria to identify items to update by:

  • Email Address – This is a free text box where an email address can be entered. 
  • Phone Number – Again this is a free text box where a phone number can be entered.

4. Update Summary

You will be presented with an overview of the actions and queries you have created. 

There is a maximum of 250 results that will be shown in the sample and you will have the ability to click straight through to the interactions which will be loaded in a new segment.

If Back is selected then you will return to the previous step. If you select Proceed is selected you will be taken to the next step.  


5. Confirmation

You will then be provided with a free text field with the text:

Please enter the word DELETE and click confirm to start the update

Once the action is completed, this cannot be undone please ensure you are happy with the items being updated shown in the previous step.” 

❌Once these have been deleted, the interactions will not be able to be recovered.

There will be two buttons, Confirm and Back. If Confirm is selected the segment will close and the update is added to the current updates in the Bulk Update segment.

Select Back to return to the previous step. 


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