Add a client application

This article will show you how to add a Client Application to communicate with our APIs. We’re going to run you through how to set one up and you can see an overview of our APIs here.

Creating a Client Application

Firstly open the Configuration Menu and click on Authentication and open Client Applications.


 🗝️ Create applications for each different process you may have. For example, you may create an application for each widget you build or for each different external system that you want to communicate with Gnatta APIs.  

Selecting Add, you will be presented with the option to name your application. Click Save to then complete the creation process.


You will then be presented with the key information needed to access our APIs

The Client Id and Client Secret

The Client Id will be visible each time you access the application but the Client Secret will only be visible on the creation of a Client Application or when a new secret is generated.


Generating a new Client Secret

If you wish to generate a new Client Secret, you can do this by locating the Application you would like a new key for. If you then open this application you will see the Generate New Secret option below.


Deleting a Client Application

If you no longer require a client application you have the option to delete it and revoke any credentials. You can find the menu for this by opening the application and pressing Delete as highlighted below.


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